What people say

All the above... Each one, dances with my soul... The very first time, I was able to recognize, the psychology of myself, in each painting!!!

There, has been no other Artist, that has had, such a empowering, direct, approach to my Being!!! You are very unique!!! 

Love Maw

MaryAnn Ward

I feel fortunate to hear from you and enjoy your paintings. I hope you strive to continue in your art. 



Teresa Camozzi

Your artworks are great, there are some of your painting look so great beautiful, the line, the cycle, and the others object create optical balance, like a tree fall down and try to waking up and making the balance transformation, for example the group of small cycles without color in the left side maybe will look good with the a big cycle with color in right side. it's similar by putting the big object slightly to the middle and the small object slightly to the side. that just my opinion. but even though Art is freedom, Art have no definite rules.

Made Artapujana