Victor Vergauwen

About me

Born on April 1, 1947 in Lier.

At the very tender age of 12 I already followed my education at the city academy for applied arts in Lier with evening and weekend education during the art education in day education in Antwerp.

From 1962 to 1965 I took a correspondence course from Famous Artist School founder Albert Dorne and President of the school Norman Rockwel, a department Apeldoorn inNetherlands with a final grade A +.Little by little I built up my artistic gift, always looking to expand my knowledge of pure Abstract Impressionism.

In 2000, after an interlude of 34 years, I started painting again.

My pieces have neither political archery nor a story, color is my story, together with the play of shapes.

Color is the expression of my joy, love and passion, although I think that for many art enthusiasts it is important that a work of art has a meaning.  

The most important thing for me is that the person who looks at it finds his own story in it, see what you want to see in the colors and shapes, it is not enough to believe what you see, you also have to understand what you see.

My artworks are fresh, lively and colorful, painted with vivid living colors, characterized by naive, almost childish depicted shapes.It is especially important to me that the colorsI use are of high quality with a lot of color pigment.

My construction of my artwork is step by step. 

In my painting technique, the colors I apply have been carefully selected based on their primary vibration, but equally important is the position of color tones next to each other.

The first step is the choice of colors

The second step is to give the colors a place, different for each work of art, movement of lines and surfaces is the ultimate message that influences the perception of the image.

I never give a title to my work. I leave this to the fantasies of the person who views and names my pieces.

What people say

All the above... Each one, dances with my soul... The very first time, I was able to recognize, the psychology of myself, in each painting!!!

There, has been no other Artist, that has had, such a empowering, direct, approach to my Being!!! You are very unique!!! 

Love Maw

MaryAnn Ward

I feel fortunate to hear from you and enjoy your paintings. I hope you strive to continue in your art. 



Teresa Camozzi

Your artworks are great, there are some of your painting look so great beautiful, the line, the cycle, and the others object create optical balance, like a tree fall down and try to waking up and making the balance transformation, for example the group of small cycles without color in the left side maybe will look good with the a big cycle with color in right side. it's similar by putting the big object slightly to the middle and the small object slightly to the side. that just my opinion. but even though Art is freedom, Art have no definite rules.

Made Artapujana